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Not your average 40-year old

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I’m sitting here watching ESPN and they’re doing a segment about Brett Favre and they’re analyzing how he’s been so effective in the Vikings’ Offense.  Then it hits me.  This man is absolutely amazing!  Sure, Brett might have gotten himself a bad rap for waffeling this summer when he was trying to decide whether to retire or not, but in the end, he landed a great deal in Minnesota and he’s happy being where he’s supposed to be:  on the football field.

The year Brett is having defies nature.  At 40 years old he is one of the top three quarterbacks in the league and week after week he and the Vikings have found a way to win to hold a 6-0 record thus far in the 2009 season.  Mike Sando over at ESPN even placed Brett towards the top of the MVP watch list.

[picapp src=”e/1/2/7/Baltimore_Ravens_v_2ff4.jpg?adImageId=6333439&imageId=6854362″ width=”234″ height=”356″ /]

I don’t know about you, but everytime I see a 50-yard laser come from Brett’s arm land perfectly into the arms of the receiver downfield, I shake my head in awe and wonder how he does it.  Keep it up Brett.  You’re giving us a great show.

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Says You!

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Apparently sometime since January, the Executive Branch of our Gubmint has become the all knowing deciding factor on public opinions regarding what is and what is not a news organization.  Recently, the White House and the Obama administration attempted to lable Fox News as something other than a news organization and that they encouraged the “real” news organizations to not treat them as such.


Good thing we have people like Jake Tapper, one of the most honest White House correspondents in the business.  This is sheer comedy gold.

Tapper: It’s escaped none of our notice that the White House has decided in the last few weeks to declare one of our sister organizations “not a news organization” and to tell the rest of us not to treat them like a news organization. Can you explain why it’s appropriate for the White House to decide that a news organization is not one –


Gibbs: Jake, we render, we render an opinion based on some of their coverage and the fairness that, the fairness of that coverage.

Tapper: But that’s a pretty sweeping declaration that they are “not a news organization.” How are they any different from, say –

Gibbs: ABC –

Tapper: ABC. MSNBC. Univision. I mean how are they any different?

Gibbs: You and I should watch sometime around 9 o’clock tonight. Or 5 o’clock this afternoon.

Tapper: I’m not talking about their opinion programming or issues you have with certain reports. I’m talking about saying thousands of individuals who work for a media organization, do not work for a “news organization” — why is that appropriate for the White House to say?

Gibbs: That’s our opinion.

For reals?  I mean, you are the White House Spokesman!  That’s the best you can do? 

Sure it’s pretty funny simply because the White House is starting to look like a bunch of bumbeling idiots who couldn’t govern an ant hill, but this is quite frightening.  It’s entirely inappropriate for the Executive Branch to make pronouncements on the credibility of a private news organization, especially when they try to wheedle other news organizations to try to ignore them. 

Something has to be done about this.  Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are being targeted by an administration that can’t face the tough questions and the cold hard truth.  It’s time that people took the blinders off and started looking around and actually started analyzing the actions that this Prez and his cronies are partaking in.  I mean, it was easy as hell for the Left to do just that for the past eight years; what’s with the double standard?

(h/t Ed Morrissey over at HA)

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Do me a favor and take that knife out of my back, wouldja?

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The term “We support our troops” as lost all of it’s meaning.  This here story comes from the Rott.  Seems as if those pestulant, caniving, dirty politicians are looking out for our (soldiers’) best interests once again.

Then and Now

October 20, 2009 2 comments


It’s old news now, but I’ve been a little slow on the uptake with putting posts up on this blog.  Rush has been denied the opportunity to partake in ownership of an NFL team for the simple fact that people don’t like what he says.  Since when did we become the USSR?  I just read an article from American Thinker that I’m going to post on here that really puts things into perspective.  It compares the America of old when the NFL was born from the old AFL and NFL leagues.  Surprisingly, you can see a lot of parallels in the activities and statements of today’s sports franchises when compared to how politics are tracking these days.

From American Thinker by Jim Mahoney:

As a kid, I discovered professional football in a place called the “rockpile”. The rockpile was an artifact of the last depression, a rickety WPA project that was the first home of the Buffalo Bills. The rockpile was located in the middle of what was later called the ghetto, but then was just another part of town. In those days, a preteen white kid could take a bus to a night game with no more supervision than our mailman, and fellow Bills fan, provided. I remember my first up close look at an official AFL football. It was like a talisman, a magic symbol of excitement, glory and fame. I’ll never forget the signature on that ball: “Joe Foss, Commissioner”.

It was years before I learned about the owner of that signature. Joe Foss was a Marine, a Naval Aviator, a WWII ace, and a Medal of Honor winner. Today, Joe is a towering, if under-appreciated giant. Born on a South Dakota farm, by the time he was 18 his dad had died, leaving him to take over the farm. By his twentieth birthday dust storms had destroyed his crops and stock. He went to work to pay for his college tuition and flying lessons. He joined the Marine Corps in 1940 and by October 1942 he was an executive officer in the “Cactus Air Force” fighting the gruesome Battle of Guadalcanal. By January 1943 he was credited with 26 air combat kills. He became known as the Ace of Aces, and won the Medal of Honor for his heroism.

After the war he served two terms in the South Dakota legislature, and was Governor from 1955 to 1959. He became Commissioner of the upstart American Football League in 1959, and stepped aside on the eve of the merger with the NFL in 1966. If ever one career embodied the brains, balls and brawn the game of football demands, it was Joe’s.

Today, the current NFL Commissioner, Roger Godell, also has ties to Buffalo. He was born the same year as Foss’ AFL. The son of a US Senator, he is a product of power and privilege. A gifted athlete, he was a three sport star in high school. After graduating college he joined the NFL’s league office in 1982.

Rush Limbaugh has made a career extolling the America of Joe Foss. America responded by making him wildly popular, powerful and rich enough to buy part of the ultimate of rich man’s toys, an NFL franchise. Rush and Joe have much in common. Both men became who they are because of what they were. Joe was a fighter pilot. Rush was the son of a WWII P 51 Mustang pilot. Both men faced adversity and became national figures by overcoming their personal challenges on their own. Their stories are as unique as they are uniquely American

In Joe Foss’ America, truth counted for more than perception. Lies, smears and distortion had no value in the arena of WWII air combat. In Joe Foss’ America, Rush would have just been another face in the crowd, since what he espouses today was taken for granted then. In Joe Foss’ America, a young kid could travel anywhere in an American city without fearing for his life. In Joe Foss’ America street hustlers, pimps and bullies would never have the nerve to confront men like Foss: men who understood combat and the value of a nation worth dying for.

In Roger Goodell’s America, truth is an archaic concept, a trite object of polite derision. What a man says and what a man does is far less important that what others may think or say about him. When faced with an ugly mob, Roger Goodell’s America can’t handle the truth, but rather cowers and bows to libel. Leaders in Roger Goodell’s America have no obligation to learn for themselves what a man stands for; they seek only to avoid controversy. Their “high standards” are really just cover for cowardice and treachery. 

Truly amazing.  It really upsets me that the sport I love so much has given in to this sorry way of thinking and has bowed down to the tollerance-loving society.

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