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Wow. What a Great CIC.

Oh yeah.  Blood is flowing right now.  I don’t really know why this has me so upset.  I mean I really should have expected it.  But maybe this holiday coming up, Memorial Day, holds some special meaning to me.  I’ve made the life choice to surround myself and my loved ones with the Army lifestyle.  And that includes to remember and honor where I’ve come from and the ones who have paved the way for all of us.

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just me.  But this repulsive, selfish, narcissistic asshole that I have to call my CIC makes me want to puke.

No respect I tell ya.  Go read this.


Time for a New Strategy

Everyone knows that the hot button issue lately has been illegal immigration and the new state law that Arizon passed that tries to curb the amount of illegal immigration that pours into that state every month.  Personally, I am one who supports Arizona for what they’re trying to do.  The fact that there are millions of people from another country that aren’t allowed to be here in the first place and insist on staying is one thing.  But when they start a pandemic of crime and leach on our country’s resources and services, then it starts to get personal.

Illegal Immigration Sign
Illegals Xing

There’s also a comedic layer to all of this.  Well, I wouldn’t say it’s funny but the argument that Liberals make in favor of illegal immigration (that in itself is ridiculous) has to make you wonder if they’re even living on the same planet as we are. 

Anyways, in my daily readings I came across this excellent article written by J.R. Dunn over at AT.  Mr. Dunn seems to nail it right on the head when he addresses how Liberals go about arguing their points on the subject and how Conservatives fall into their trap every time.  He also raises excellent points on how to deal with this type of argument and gives suggestions on what we should do in addressing the problem.  He also quotes from an article I read the other day that waxes eloquently the exact feelings that damn near 70% + of America feels about the subject:

From Illegals and the Election:

American politicians have also put a target on their backs. To sit patiently listening to a foreign leader attack an American state is bad enough; to then give him a standing ovation makes the blood boil. Seldom has Congress displayed such open contempt for the American people, and in the midst of a national climate thick with distrust and impatience with the political establishment. Our legislators seem to be patterning themselves after the incompetent staff of the Chernobyl reactor installation, who decided to shut down all safeguards and run the thing flat out to see when the roof would blow off.

The simple fact that our President and members of Congress (both Democrats and Republicans) allowed a leader from a foriegn country come to our capital and denigrate, insult and smear our laws is an outrage.  But, once again, we don’t hear all of that on the news.  It’s unfortunate the condition our beloved country has fallen under in this era of “sympathy.” 

The proverbial straws are becoming few and far between.

Do me a favor and take that knife out of my back, wouldja?

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The term “We support our troops” as lost all of it’s meaning.  This here story comes from the Rott.  Seems as if those pestulant, caniving, dirty politicians are looking out for our (soldiers’) best interests once again.

When will the madness end?

Normally I find political news these days humorous and somewhat disturbing because I know that it’s all fairly distant from me and my family.  For instance, I know that the whole healthcare discussion is important, but it doesn’t affect me because I’m already part of a socialist healthcare system.

But every once in a while I’ll read something that really upsets me and that has a direct impact on me and those I love most.  I am a veteran.  I might still be on active duty, but I’ve fought in a war as has my father, my grandfather and some of my aunts and uncles.  Fortunately for them and myself, none of us have been severly disabled as a result of fighting in those wars.  But war is real and so are the injuries that come from it.

There are millions of disabled vets out there who depend on the Veterans Administration to help support them with a paycheck every month.  It used to be thought that the VA was the only organization that looked out for veterans’ well being.  Well, I guess I was sorely mistaken.

From Meredith Jessup over at

A new report by the Veterans’ Affairs Inspector General presents some very disturbing findings:
Outside the Veterans Affairs Department, severely wounded veterans have faced financial hardship waiting for their first disability payment. Inside, money has been flowing in the form of $24 million in bonuses.

In scathing reports this week, the VA’s inspector general said thousands of technology office employees at the VA received the bonuses over a two-year period, some under questionable circumstances. It also detailed abuses ranging from nepotism to an inappropriate relationship between two VA employees.

Excuse me, but can someone take this knife out of my back?  Thanks.

In addition to outrageous bonuses, the “nepotism” from Kimberly Hefling’s article refers to Jennifer S. Duncan, an employee who awarded herself a $60,000 bonus, and granted tuition financing drawn from the Department’s checkbook to a number of employees, including members of her own family.  The “inappropriate relationship” refers to an employee making trips between Florida and Washington where the VA official lived, costing taxpayers $37,000.  In another instance, a part-time intern was given the pay benefits of a full-time employee. 

That bitch should be made an example of.  The punishment should be decided by wounded veterans and their families.

Investigators with the IG’s office are recommending those who received tuition benefits be forced to pay them back–the largest award being $33,000.  In addition to Duncan, other high-ranking employees were awarded bonuses of $73,000, $58,000 and $59,000 between 2007 and 2008.  The article also notes that in 2007 alone, “4,700 employees were awarded bonuses, on average $2,500 each.”

Must be nice to get a bonus without having to commit yourself and your family to a lifetime of servitude and without putting yourself in harm’s way.  I’m sure they certainly deserved it though.

I wonder how many injured American veterans currently awaiting their disability checks think these employees deserved bonuses…

Here, let me guess……..ummmmm.  How about zero!!

Greedy Commie Bastards.

Take another look

Michael Barone says that young voters in America need to take another look at Obama.  I have to agree.

Dear Young Obama Voter,

Congratulations. You have truly changed America. Those of you under 30 voted 66 percent to 32 percent for Barack Obama, an unprecedented margin. Your elders 30 and over voted for him, too, but only by a 50 percent to 49 percent margin. You converted a 2000-like margin to a solid majority and added significant numbers to the Democratic majorities in Congress.

Yeah, thanks a pant-load.  How about next election you actually do your research instead of watching American Idiot and Entertainment Tonight.

You voted, as your candidate and our president said, for Hope and Change. But I ask you to consider whether the policies that the president has proposed and in some cases pushed through really amount to that.

Oh they amount to Change alright.  Changing from a Republic (that’s right, our country is NOT a Democracy.  It is a Republic) to a Socialist state.

I ask you to examine them through the prism of a book published in 1999, when most of you were too young to vote: “The Future and Its Enemies,” by Virginia Postrel (an Obama voter, too, by the way). Postrel assesses policies based not on whether they are liberal or conservative but on whether they are dynamist — promoting or leaving room for change — or stasist — tending to freeze institutions and people in place.

By my reckoning, the Obama policies are more stasist than dynamist. The unions’ card-check bill, which he backs, would effectively abolish the secret ballot in union elections and impose mandatory federal setting of wages and work rules after 120 days of union-management negotiations.

Hmm, sounds appetizing.  It’s good to know that when I retire from the military there’s a chance that I could be joining a union; whether I want to or not, I’m joining a union.

Centralized mediators would determine your pay and work rules, modeled perhaps after those between the United Auto Workers and what we used to call the Big Three automakers. They have 5,000 pages of work rules. Don’t change that light bulb — you have to wait for the right union guy to do it. Is this the way to enable you to exercise creativity and initiative in your work?

It might induce creativity on ways to commit Harry Carry.

Read more…

A prime example

I’m sure you’re pretty well fed up with hearing about all of this healthcare reform crap.  Trust me, so am I.  But it’s a very important subject that affects millions upon millions of Americans.  The argument is that the Richstag Government is trying to implement a single-payer system of healthcare that is supposedly “affordable” or even “free” to every American (and even non-Americans).  But opponents of the reform bill say that the government is trying to intrude too much into the private lives of its citizens.

Military Doctor

I must agree that the government option that has been proposed to the House is quite frightening in some portions of the bill.  You can interpret many instances in the bill that correlate directly to the ideals and philosophy of a Socialized healthcare system.  It’s something that the American people have spoken out against quite forcefully in the past few weeks.

But what many people fail to realize is that America already has an “invisible” Socialized healthcare system ran exclusively by the government.  It’s called military healthcare and the “insurance company” that presides over this healthcare system is called TriCare.  Those of you who have had the sheer pleasure of dealing with TriCare and have experienced the out-of-this-world quality of care provided absolutely for free, know what I’m talking about.

The reality is that it’s a system that we in the military have no choice but to use and we fall victim to it’s pitfalls every time one of our family members gets sick or needs some work done.  A prime example would be the recent constant care needed for my better half (Mrs. Spicey) in order to find out just what the hell is going on with her.  Month after month and doctor after doctor has led us to one conclusion:  Nobody in this healthcare system knows what the fuck is going on.

If she has a problem, she has to call to set up an appointment with her primary care physician which is usually a month in advance at best.  Then, when her appointment comes around, if her doctor even shows up that day, she gets examined and poked and prodded; all while answering vague questions about her recent health; only to hear the doctor either tell her that nothing is wrong with her and that it’s all in her head or that they don’t know what is wrong with her and that she needs to go get some tests done.

So, she goes to schedule her tests and – surprise!! – their soonest appointment is about a month away.  Finally the day comes to get her tests completed.  Oh, but they don’t reveal anything either.  Maybe an ultrasound will find something.  Let’s schedule you for an ultrasound….hmmm, lets see.  It looks like the earliest appointment is a little more than a month from now.

You see the pattern here?  The backlog of appointments, the sub-par quality of doctors who wouldn’t know their asses from their elbows, and the fact that nobody cares about patient rights or concerns.  Guess what folks, that’s what you all are headed to.  That, my friend, is socialized medicine.  I certainly hope you’re ready.

We must be that stupid

August 17, 2009 2 comments

The Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Cebelius was on CNN over the weekend discussing Obama’s plan for a government option.  Here’s part of what she had to say:

“There will be a competition to private insurers … You don’t turn over the whole new marketplace to private insurance companies and trust them to do the right thing. We need some choices and we need some competition.”

Hmmm.  Right.  Of course we all know that it’s the private sector that destroys choice and competition in the market.  It certainly isn’t the government that does that.  Even after all of the protests and Town Hall occurances that have ended up with common, everyday folk loudly expressing their concerns about the healthcare takover reform, the NSDWP still insist on trying to pull the wool over our “collective” eyes.

They just don’t learn.

Oh, and by the way.  When did this debate turn from “Healthcare Reform” to “Insurance Reform?”

Just wondering.