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Time for a New Strategy

Everyone knows that the hot button issue lately has been illegal immigration and the new state law that Arizon passed that tries to curb the amount of illegal immigration that pours into that state every month.  Personally, I am one who supports Arizona for what they’re trying to do.  The fact that there are millions of people from another country that aren’t allowed to be here in the first place and insist on staying is one thing.  But when they start a pandemic of crime and leach on our country’s resources and services, then it starts to get personal.

Illegal Immigration Sign
Illegals Xing

There’s also a comedic layer to all of this.  Well, I wouldn’t say it’s funny but the argument that Liberals make in favor of illegal immigration (that in itself is ridiculous) has to make you wonder if they’re even living on the same planet as we are. 

Anyways, in my daily readings I came across this excellent article written by J.R. Dunn over at AT.  Mr. Dunn seems to nail it right on the head when he addresses how Liberals go about arguing their points on the subject and how Conservatives fall into their trap every time.  He also raises excellent points on how to deal with this type of argument and gives suggestions on what we should do in addressing the problem.  He also quotes from an article I read the other day that waxes eloquently the exact feelings that damn near 70% + of America feels about the subject:

From Illegals and the Election:

American politicians have also put a target on their backs. To sit patiently listening to a foreign leader attack an American state is bad enough; to then give him a standing ovation makes the blood boil. Seldom has Congress displayed such open contempt for the American people, and in the midst of a national climate thick with distrust and impatience with the political establishment. Our legislators seem to be patterning themselves after the incompetent staff of the Chernobyl reactor installation, who decided to shut down all safeguards and run the thing flat out to see when the roof would blow off.

The simple fact that our President and members of Congress (both Democrats and Republicans) allowed a leader from a foriegn country come to our capital and denigrate, insult and smear our laws is an outrage.  But, once again, we don’t hear all of that on the news.  It’s unfortunate the condition our beloved country has fallen under in this era of “sympathy.” 

The proverbial straws are becoming few and far between.

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