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A little reminder…

It seems that, with all that’s going on in our Government lately and how appologetic our pResident has become to the rest of the world, that a lot of people have forgotten what happened 8 years ago and what has gone on since.  The other day was September 11th and there were many ceremonies and reminders that went on around the nation to help us remember the atrocities that occured that day.  Well that’s all fine and good.  But…

People have forgotten what has happened since then.  The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been used to promote anti-war groups’ agendas and used to slam the Bush administration.  Some people think that because it’s been almost a decade since any type of attack has happened on our soil, that it hasn’t been real; like it’s all been a dream or some scene from a movie.  The predominant sentiment is that it’s all just been a media ploy or just some news story that’s happened thousands of miles away.  Well, if you think that then I say fuck you.  Sometimes it takes a blunt reminder to force people to remember that we are at war.

Well, here’s just a little reminder.

WARNING!!!  Some of the images in these videos are extremely graphic.  War is REAL.  Don’t watch unless you think you can handle it. 

In memory to all of the warriors who have fallen in defense of their country. 

Nunquam Indulgeo.  Nunquam Alieno.
Never Forgive.  Never Forget.

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