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Letter to da presadint

The teachers told all of the students to write letters to the president to explain how he inspires them.  Now, unless you’re a narrow minded liberal and have absolutely no sense of humor, then you would know that this particular letter is what we call satire.  But what isn’t funny is that this is probably pretty damn close to reality; escpecially since I’ve seen first hand how some people’s offspring are educated in gubmint schools.  (props to Jon Sanders over at AT)

dear presadint obama,
how r u? i hope ur ok. thx 4 speaking 2 us in schl 2day. ms smith sed u wanted 2 no how u enspire us. well its alot!

1 thing u enspird me is 2 get better grades. i told ms smith it ain fair some kids get better grades then others. ms smith is cool she just outta collaj so she sed ok whacha gonna do. i sed we need a grade zar. i dont even no what a zar is but i lernt it from u. ms smith sed thats a grate idea an it correc injustis and so on so she axd me who shud be the grade zar an i was like my buddy brian cuz he smart an stuff.

so we got brian 4 grade zar an then we all got bs cuz the smart kids had 2 give the rest of us there xtra points an my mom was proud of me in schl an its all cuz of u mr presadint.

an whats so funny is some smart kids got jellis an all mad an stuff an there parents took em outta schl an we started making cs. ms smith sed there wasnt enuf points 4 bs an thats when u enspird me agin.

i sed ms smith cain we get grade points from someone els an she sed hmmm ok who u mean an i sed i dont no. but me an brian thot an then we was like we need stimulas 4 grades. so we axd ms smith an she sed thats a good idea 2.

so we got this kid owen 4 stimulas zar an he an ms smith talked an they sed we can get grade points from nex month. so then we all got bs agin but ms smith sed we gonna need 2 work harder nex month cuz we gonna all loose points remember but this wud stimalate us 2 do it cuz we ain gonna get discurraj. an this was good cuz my mom was proud agin.

but the nex month we were all making c minas cuz i dont no but it happen. ms smith was upset cuz she thot she ain making a good classrm envirament an so on. an then i was enspird by u agin.

i told ms smith we needed to fix our envirament and dint presadint obama have a fix kinda like 4 that an she sed well u had carbon credits an i sed maybe something like that? so now we got grade credits an my friend natalie is envirament zar an her job is 2 ax everyone if they needed good grades an if they sed no cuz my mom dont care then they give grade credits to me an natalie an brian an owen an a couple more kids an so we got bs agin. an it dont hurt no one cuz no child lef behind right? lol

but after while ms smith was upset an she sed the bad grades was gettin her in trouble an so she sed we needed more stimulas but she sed this time we really gotta start working harder 4 nex month cuz she dont wanna lose her job ok. so then everyone got bs agin for a while but nex month we got ds an ms smith u cud tell been cryin alot an thats when u enspird me agin. see my brother had this job where he had minimum wage an i remember he was all happy 1 day cuz he herd u got it made a lot bigger which wudda been grate cept he was let go cuz of the econimy.

so i told ms smith we shud have a minimum grade an that it shud be big an she hug me real hard an sed why dint i think of that and well GESS WHAT MR PRESADINT? I’M GETTIN ALL A’S!!!!!

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