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The Clownshoe Administration

Awesome new bit from the Emperor over at the Rott:

In order to offer Our Imperial Overall View of the Hope’n’Change assministration’s utter inability to do anything right, their incessant whining about how it is the Republicans who are holding up progress when the fact remains that the NSDWP control the White House, have a supermajority in the senate and a massive majority in the house, and Reichskanzler Hussein’s innumerable contradictions of himself, idiotic gaffes and impressive track record of throwing starry eyed nutroots under the bus without a second’s hesitation as soon as he doesn’t need them anymore, we offer you this, Obamarrhoids (thanks to the Imperial Minister of Truth for the suggestion):


Sit on it and spin for a while, why don’t you?

Who said we didn’t care?



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