Take another look

Michael Barone says that young voters in America need to take another look at Obama.  I have to agree.

Dear Young Obama Voter,

Congratulations. You have truly changed America. Those of you under 30 voted 66 percent to 32 percent for Barack Obama, an unprecedented margin. Your elders 30 and over voted for him, too, but only by a 50 percent to 49 percent margin. You converted a 2000-like margin to a solid majority and added significant numbers to the Democratic majorities in Congress.

Yeah, thanks a pant-load.  How about next election you actually do your research instead of watching American Idiot and Entertainment Tonight.

You voted, as your candidate and our president said, for Hope and Change. But I ask you to consider whether the policies that the president has proposed and in some cases pushed through really amount to that.

Oh they amount to Change alright.  Changing from a Republic (that’s right, our country is NOT a Democracy.  It is a Republic) to a Socialist state.

I ask you to examine them through the prism of a book published in 1999, when most of you were too young to vote: “The Future and Its Enemies,” by Virginia Postrel (an Obama voter, too, by the way). Postrel assesses policies based not on whether they are liberal or conservative but on whether they are dynamist — promoting or leaving room for change — or stasist — tending to freeze institutions and people in place.

By my reckoning, the Obama policies are more stasist than dynamist. The unions’ card-check bill, which he backs, would effectively abolish the secret ballot in union elections and impose mandatory federal setting of wages and work rules after 120 days of union-management negotiations.

Hmm, sounds appetizing.  It’s good to know that when I retire from the military there’s a chance that I could be joining a union; whether I want to or not, I’m joining a union.

Centralized mediators would determine your pay and work rules, modeled perhaps after those between the United Auto Workers and what we used to call the Big Three automakers. They have 5,000 pages of work rules. Don’t change that light bulb — you have to wait for the right union guy to do it. Is this the way to enable you to exercise creativity and initiative in your work?

It might induce creativity on ways to commit Harry Carry.

Then there is the cap-and-trade bill to address what we are told is man-caused global warming.

No such thing.

Noble intentions here. But it means paying more for electricity in the meantime for a very distant goal. A similar law in California is threatening blackouts. Renewables sound great, but the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. How is holding down economic growth going to help you to shape your future?

Well, according to the gubmint, you are not fit to decide your own future.  You need to depend on the gubmint to decide for you.  After all, they know best.

And there is health care. The intention here — Obama said it back in 2003 and hasn’t denied it since — is to send us down a road that leads to government-provided health insurance. His latest trial balloon is a centralized medical procedures board that would decide what treatments the government would pay for and wouldn’t.

And who get’s to live and who doesn’t based on the needs of the greater good.

This would inevitably stifle innovations in drugs and medical devices — stasism, not dynamism. Centralized government isn’t fast on the uptake. I’ve lived nearly 10 years longer than my grandfathers did because I take pills that didn’t exist when they were alive. Don’t you want the benefits of innovations and discoveries, like tailored genetic treatments, which don’t exist yet? Freezing health care is stasist, not dynamist.

Of course you want that.  But you don’t want the evil, large, private companies to provide that kind of service.  It should be the Dimicrats and other politicians who control all of that.  Isn’t that what they’re for anyways?

Let’s take a look also at foreign policy. You probably didn’t like the Iraq war very much, although you might have noticed that we are headed for victory there now — with Obama’s help, I should note. But I suspect that you do want America to be a force for good in the world.

As long as it doesn’t mean killing any of those poor, innocent, peace-loving Muslims in the world who are intent on killing Americans no matter what we, or the entire western world does.

That leads me to wonder whether you were dismayed when Obama responded with stony indifference to the people in the streets of Iran protesting a fraudulent election and demanding freedom and democracy. Some called for the end of a regime that subordinates women and executes homosexuals, things I’m sure you don’t like at all. Although Obama eventually indicated some sympathy, he seemed to regard those demands as a nuisance getting in the way of negotiating with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the mullahs.

And sharing hot dogs over at the back yard bbq during our Independence Day celebrations.

The foreign policy experts call this “realism.” I call it statist.

I call it traiterous.

It leaves America standing not for hope and change, but for the status quo and despair.

I am sure that you find it inspiring that America elected its first black president (I do, too).

Let me tell you, I was so inspired that I had a hard time controling my bladder and bowel movements.  Pure excitement here.

And I am sure you appreciate Obama’s openness to alternative lifestyles, although you may have noticed that he, like George W. Bush and unlike Dick Cheney, opposes same-sex marriage.

The larger point is this: You want policies that will enable you to choose your future. Obama backs policies that would let centralized authorities choose much of your future for you. Is this the hope and change you want?

Your friend and admirer,

Michael Barone

 Well, aparently that’s what you gave us.  Once again, thanks a pant load.

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