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A prime example

I’m sure you’re pretty well fed up with hearing about all of this healthcare reform crap.  Trust me, so am I.  But it’s a very important subject that affects millions upon millions of Americans.  The argument is that the Richstag Government is trying to implement a single-payer system of healthcare that is supposedly “affordable” or even “free” to every American (and even non-Americans).  But opponents of the reform bill say that the government is trying to intrude too much into the private lives of its citizens.

Military Doctor

I must agree that the government option that has been proposed to the House is quite frightening in some portions of the bill.  You can interpret many instances in the bill that correlate directly to the ideals and philosophy of a Socialized healthcare system.  It’s something that the American people have spoken out against quite forcefully in the past few weeks.

But what many people fail to realize is that America already has an “invisible” Socialized healthcare system ran exclusively by the government.  It’s called military healthcare and the “insurance company” that presides over this healthcare system is called TriCare.  Those of you who have had the sheer pleasure of dealing with TriCare and have experienced the out-of-this-world quality of care provided absolutely for free, know what I’m talking about.

The reality is that it’s a system that we in the military have no choice but to use and we fall victim to it’s pitfalls every time one of our family members gets sick or needs some work done.  A prime example would be the recent constant care needed for my better half (Mrs. Spicey) in order to find out just what the hell is going on with her.  Month after month and doctor after doctor has led us to one conclusion:  Nobody in this healthcare system knows what the fuck is going on.

If she has a problem, she has to call to set up an appointment with her primary care physician which is usually a month in advance at best.  Then, when her appointment comes around, if her doctor even shows up that day, she gets examined and poked and prodded; all while answering vague questions about her recent health; only to hear the doctor either tell her that nothing is wrong with her and that it’s all in her head or that they don’t know what is wrong with her and that she needs to go get some tests done.

So, she goes to schedule her tests and – surprise!! – their soonest appointment is about a month away.  Finally the day comes to get her tests completed.  Oh, but they don’t reveal anything either.  Maybe an ultrasound will find something.  Let’s schedule you for an ultrasound….hmmm, lets see.  It looks like the earliest appointment is a little more than a month from now.

You see the pattern here?  The backlog of appointments, the sub-par quality of doctors who wouldn’t know their asses from their elbows, and the fact that nobody cares about patient rights or concerns.  Guess what folks, that’s what you all are headed to.  That, my friend, is socialized medicine.  I certainly hope you’re ready.

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