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Errr….Say What?

With all the big hoopla surounding pResident Obama’s “New and Improved” healthcare plan, sometimes it’s kind of hard to pick out the real important pieces of information that define exactly what we’re getting ourselves into.  And there are the real gems!

Political/Editorial Cartoon by Steve Kelley Political/Editorial Cartoon by Steve Kelley

 Yesterday at a softball town hall meeting in New hampshire, the pResident tries to sell citizens on the healthcare idea that he and his party have been working tirelessly to get approved for the past 8 months or so.  The crowd was unusually calm (pre-screened of course) in that particular town hall and I’m unsure if anyone caught on to the blaring contradiction and irony that spewed from King Hussein’s orafice.

“UPS and FedEx are doing just fine; it’s the post office that’s always having problems.”

As Lance Fairchok over at American Thinker so precisely put it:

 Oh the irony! That the President would, in so simple and clueless a fashion, utter the most crystalline sentence I could imagine to debunk his own absurd policies. Private postal industries, performing in ways a government run enterprise cannot, are doing fine, while the Post Office, the eternal taxpayer money pit, is not. That simple truth should be broadcast far and wide, in the Presidents own words. Even the first Socialist American President, a man who is attempting to transform us into a nanny state identical to our European allies, understands at some level, that private enterprise is the most successful way to prosper as a nation. So why is he working so hard to undermine it?

Undermine it indeed.  He’s trying so hard to undermine the private enterprise system because he’s a socialist plain and simple.  And as we all know, private enterprise has no room in a socialist society.  He just had a Hairplugs Biden moment during that speech.  I wonder if the TOTUS stayed back at the White House during this trip.  A tiny SNAFU it might have been, but sometimes that’s all it takes.  It could quite possibly be that moment that brings some clarity to some of the idiot voters out there.  But looking back this past week at all the Town Hall meetings with congressman and senators, it looks like the voters are already beginning to realize that this hack in the White House and all the other oxygen thiefs that claim they work for us are really all just smoke and mirrors.  And when the smoke clears, the American people could very well be seeing red…..comrade.

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